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    Balogh Béla ELKEZDŐDÖTT.
    Kategória: Video | Hozzáadta: georg47 (2012-09-15)
    Megtekintések száma: 881 | Hozzászólások: 1 | Tag-ek(kulcsszavak): Balogh Béla ELKEZDŐDÖTT. | Helyezés: 0.0/0
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    When will they figure out I'm a fraud? Yeah, I get that. It comes from the well of self doubt drawn up by the fear mnoeky. We don't trust ourselves or our talent we don't value ourselves simply for being the wonderful, talented, kick-ass women we are. If I do say so myself.For my part, I always think if I can do it anyone can not because it's easy but because I don't find myself to be all that special. If I can do it, anyone can, ergo it can't be that big a whoop. And neither can I. Which is a crock, but the fear mnoeky doesn't care, and the well of doubt is deep and overflowing.Of course, we're all afraid of failing. Sometimes, I'm more afraid of succeeding b/c then it gets real and stops being a pie in the sky dream.We are, none of us, imposters, least of all you. Take your break, enjoy your boys (and Megan!)and get cracking anew in 2012 with no more mnoekys jumping on the bed.As for the holidays, it'll be Mom and me as always with a dinner here and a wee party there. For the most part, I'll be finishing revisions, prepping the WIP to send to beta readers in the new year so I can break book 2 in January. Busy, busy, busy.Have a blessed and joyous Christmas, Jane, filled with unending love.

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